Getting Around

The Cayman Traveler app was created to be a simple aid to getting around the Cayman Islands. We have used it to find our way to different points of interest, avoid traffic, or to not get lost following a detour. Simply open the map, turn on your GPS and go. No tourist info, no ads, nothing but the maps. Easy-Peasy!

No Network Required

The App does not require any cellular data! Our aim is to help you get around the islands. You can turn OFF roaming data because the app does not need a network connection. Just GPS! (Do NOT put it in airplane mode, or you will lose GPS). With no roaming data charge you can save lots of money. Verizon charges $2.05 per megabyte for international roaming data (priced 7/27/2015) and AT&T can hit 15.00 per megabyte (priced 8/6/2015). One map screen can be a megabyte in size. You can save the purchasing cost by using the app only a couple of times. Enjoy what interesting treats the Cayman Islands have to offer and how easy it is to find them by using the maps and your GPS.